OWL Autonomous Imaging
Owl Autonomous Imaging provides intelligent monocular 3D thermal ranging solutions for autonomous vehicles.
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Use cases
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Solution Overview

Owl Autonomous Imaging delivers Monocular 3D Thermal Ranging™ solutions to industrial and automotive mobility markets to dramatically enhance safety day or night and in all weather conditions. Thermal Ranging™ is a new 3D modality that uses optical fusion and novel deep learning techniques to extract dense range maps from radiated heat signatures,without requiring illumination. Owl was co-founded by Chuck Gershman. Mr. Gershman has 30 years of semiconductor industry experience in executive management, marketing, engineering, business development, sales, consulting and executive advising. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Gershman has been a member of the executive team of five startups, three of which as CEO/COO. He has had successful exits with acquisitions by Intel and PMC-Sierra. Further company information can be found at www.owlai.us

Solution Benefits
  • Enhanced Safety
Key Features
  • Monocular 3D Thermal Ranging
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Company Information
  • Fairport, New York, United States
  • AI
  • Ondrej Gazda
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