InScribe is an AI supported Q&A platform that connects learners to the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed.
  • Citizen Service
Use cases
  • Decentralized Storage
  • DeFi
  • Reconciliation
Solution Overview

InScribe is a learner-driven, AI enabled platform that delivers highly scalable, context specific support anytime a student needs it. InScribe works by connecting learners to the answers they need—whether from instructors, advisors, alumni, or peers. InScribe communities create a space for individuals to work together— asking questions, findinganswers, and sharing resources. InScribe captures these valuable interactions, and makes them fully searchable and reusable, so each generation of learners benefits from the conversations that came before them.

Solution Benefits
  • Collaborative Learnin
Key Features
  • Community Building
  • Yes
Company Information
  • Denver, Colorado, United States
  • AI
  • Ondrej Gazda
Price Range
  • Undisclosed